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Your leading specialty chemistry specialist

Global supplier of high-quality chemicals and processes for the printed circuit board and general metal finishing industries.

PWB: Serving over 250 customers worldwide

We develop, manufacture and supply innovative chemicals and processes for the electronics industry. You’ll find our products on PCBs in satellites, medical devices, automobiles, mobile phone systems and so much more.

GMF: Boosting performance, durability and looks

 Constantly improving our products and formulations for general metal finishing boosts the performance, durability and appearance of metal and plastic products used in heavy industry as well as consumer goods.

Innovative developer

Our in-house R&D, run by some of the most imaginative yet practical minds in the business, raises innovation levels to new heights.

True entrepreneur

The pioneering spirit remains high at J-Kem. Our entrepreneurial drive spurs us on to meeting new challenges and better serving our end-users.

Full-range supplier

Both the PWB and GMF industries enjoy access to a broad range of best-in-class products and processes.

Global operator

In the PWB sector alone, we serve over 250 customers worldwide. Our main markets today are Korea, China, Russia, Europe and India.


“Working very close to customers gives us the perfect compass for managing our business. Listening carefully to your needs and responding promptly to your requests points out the way to success.” Johan Lundqvist

CEO, J-Kem