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Innovative chemicals – the Scandinavian way

J-KEM International is a global supplier of high-quality chemical products and processes for the Printed Wire Board and General Metal Finishing industries. We combine solid experience with pioneering technology.

Made in Sweden for the global marketplace

Leading chemistry experts in the PWB industry founded J-KEM International in 1995. At our headquarters near Stockholm, R&D and manufacturing teams bring innovative chemicals and processes to fruition. We naturally work according to the twin Scandinavian traditions of high-technology solutions and genuine environmental care.

We have also built up a network of the best distributors from around the world. We were one of the first western suppliers to successfully enter the Chinese PWB market. Our main markets today include Korea, Russia, Europe and India, where we provide a full range of key processes: PWB; PTH, direct plating and galvanics. GMF; POP and electroless Ni products. In the PWB market alone, we serve over 250 customers worldwide.

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