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J-kem immersion tin

J-KEM Immersion tin: ideal for surface-mount PCBs and press-fit applications

By creating a highly solderable pure tin deposit, J-KEM Immersion tin process meets all today’s engineering requirements and standards.

New-generation immersion tin formulations

Immersion tin process 7050 is a new generation formulation that meets all today’s needs. Its superior engineering ensures perfectly flat pads, robust handling, speed, ease of use, consistent and reliable processing, economy, protection and solderability over time. It’s ideal for PCBs designed for surface-mount and press-fit applications.

Thanks to a novel formulation, process properties meet the growing requirements of final users and PCB-manufacturers. J-KEM has been able to include a number of advantages into a simple and easy-to-handle process compared with competitive immersion tin processes.

J-kem immersion tin

Process 7050

  • Highly solderable pure tin layer

  • Extremely planar deposit

  • Stable process with simple analysis

  • Perfect for both vertical and horizontal applications

  • Low working temperatures
  • Multiple solderability, even after intermediate storage
  • Compatible with lead-free soldering

Large grain-sized and densely packed crystals give a pure white tin deposition for multiple solderability.

J-KEM Immersion running in horizontal lines with 1.2 μm deposition for lead-free soldering.

Immersion tin process sequence

Step Product Time vertical Temperature vertical Time horizontal Temperature horizontal
1 ACID CLEANER 7000H 40 – 50°C 5 min 50 – 60°C 1 min
2 Rinse
3 Rinse
4 MICROETCH 7020 25 – 35°C 1 – 2 min 30 – 35°C 80 sec
5 Rinse
6 Rinse
7 Rinse
8 PRE-DIP 7050 20 – 30°C 1 – 2 min 20 – 30°C 60 sec
9 TIN 7050 65°C 12 – 18 min 72°C 10 min
10 Rinse
11 Rinse
12 Di rinse
13 Drying