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Electrolytic plating: astonishing throwing power at your disposal

Our four leading electrolytic plating baths fulfill all your demands and solve every problem associated with modern board designs. Outstanding throwing power is common to all.

J-KEM DC J-Plate series plates the most complex and demanding designs.

J-Plate Cu 400

Hole-wall to surface distribution close to 1:1

J-Plate Cu 400 is specially made to combine with direct plating processes (J-KEM System-S/ViaKing). As a high-speed, bright acid copper plating process, it produces highly leveled smooth deposits on both high and low current density levels. When operated under optimum conditions, its high throwing power can produce a hole-wall to surface distribution close to 1:1.


Cu 400

  • Extremely wide operating window

  • Highly leveled deposition

  • Maximum resistance to contamination

  • Very economical in use

J-Plate PPR Cu 8003

Plates the most complicated board designs

J-Plate PPR Cu 8003 is an acid copper bath specially designed for pulse periodic reverse plating of the most complicated board design. Its astonishing throwing power gives an outstanding surface distribution and hole-wall to surface distribution as close as possible to 1:1. Furthermore, the thickness distribution in the hole is more than three-times better than standard DC.

J-Plate PPR Cu 8003 plates extremely ‘irregular’ patterns with the same perfection as it handles completely regular patterns, the latter a task that J-Plate Cu 90H also accomplishes with ease. A further advantage of panel plating with pulse periodic reverse plating is that over-plating at the edge is eliminated. In addition, the current density values that can be achieved are much higher, which increases productivity.


PPR Cu 8003

  • Two-component replenisher

  • Superior throwing power

  • Operates in horizontal and vertical applications

  • Outstanding surface distribution

  • Increased yield and productivity in micro-via production

J-Plate Cu 921 BVF

Fills blind micro-vias, deposits normal copper thickness

New J-Plate Cu 921 BVF is already a production-proven process for simultaneously plating through holes and filling blind micro-vias. In HDI technology, the electrical contact between two adjacent PCB layers is established using blind micro-vias.

To achieve a very low contact resistance, high reliability and high integration density, the blind micro-vias are electroplated with copper. The quality of the copper deposit is critical for the performance and the reliability of the whole electronic device.

The electro-deposition of copper thus plays a key role in the production of modern electronic devices. J-KEM has consequently developed a unique product – J-Plate Cu 921 BVF – that can be utilized for filling blind micro-vias while at the same time depositing normal copper thickness on the copper surface.


Cu 921 BVF

  • Excellent blind micro-via filling

  • Very good through-hole plating

  • Stable blind micro-via filling quality

  • Uniform filling:

  • Uniform filling: performances in vias up to 1:1 ratio

  • Excellent surface distribution performances < +/- 10%

  • IC substrate reliability tests passed: solder ball shear test, elongation test, thermal stress test

  • Suitable for direct metallization processes (System-S, ViaKing)

  • Suitable for standard rack and vertical continuous plating lines

  • Optimal for SAP technology.

  • Capable of meeting MIL-PRF-55IIOH and BS-9760

  • Complete analytical control

J-Plate Cu 921 BVF produces perfect stacked build up designs and perfect filled via holes.