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PTH Technology: the next generation cyanide-free electroless copper process

By setting new standards in performance and production economy, Perfekto is the ultimate improvement in electroless copper PTH technology. And it meets the latest stress tests.

Introducing the latest generation chemical technology

Perfekto represents the next-generation electroless copper process for build-up PWBs and package boards with highly dense interconnections. Furthermore, Perfekto is engineered to meet the latest end-user reliability standards of 10-times solder shock and a more demanding interconnect stress test (IST).

To meet the electronic industry’s demand for more reliability and better production economy, J-KEM has developed Perfekto – an electroless copper process technology for tomorrow’s electronics production. By introducing the latest generation in chemical technology throughout the entire process, Perfekto is uniquely designed to handle new and more demanding enduser reliability demands.

Perfekto technologies:

PEC 770: High-built EDTA, 2.5 μm in 30 min
PEC 670: Medium-built EDTA, 1.0 μm in 20 min
PEC 760: High-built Quadrol, 2.5 μm in 30 min
PEC 660: Medium-built Quadrol, 0.8 μm in 20 min
PEC 550: True low-built Quadrol EDTA, 0.3 μm in 15 min


Interconnect test

  • MLB produced with PTH process Perfekto PEC 660 followed by panel plating J-Plate Cu90H

  • Thermally-stressed (solder shock) IPC-TM-650 2.6.26 Microsection prepared according to IPC-650

  • NH4OH – H2O2 etched. No separation. SEM photo clearly shows that the ‘line’ between the inner-layer and the electrolytic copper is not separated.

Thickness: 4.6 mm. Drilled hole: 0.25 mm. Aspect ratio: 1:18.4. Electroless copper: Perfekto. Plating: J-Plate.

Conventional activator

POA 735 organic activator

perfeKto Alkaline Conditioner

Initiates 100% copper-to-copper adhesion

New Perfekto Alkaline Conditioner (PAC) represents a step forward over traditional conditioners that use quaternary and cationic wetting agents. Such standard conditioners are not highly selective and can create light barriers on the inner layers, which results in weak copper-to-copper bonding. In contrast, the active chemistry of PAC is totally different, giving extremely high efficiency and initiating a 100% copper-to-copper adhesion plus high absorbance on the epoxy and glass fiber.

perfeKto Organo Pd Activator

Superior catalytic activity

Perfekto Organo Pd Activator (POA) is the key improvement to the whole Perfekto process. Thanks to an innovative organic additive, our new acid-free palladium-based formulation displays superior catalytic activity compared with traditional Pd-based activators. As a result, the concentration of palladium in the working solution is kept extremely low, e.g. 30 ppm, giving a perfect result in the back-light test using low-built electroless copper (0.3 μm) on high-aspect ratio boards for most different materials.

perfeKto Electroless Copper

Excellent copper coverage and adhesion

Perfekto Electroless Copper (PEC) is formulated for stable operation and easy control. Its deposition has a dense fine-grained structure while its action exhibits lateral growth that results in excellent copper coverage through the holes. PEC baths give improved copper deposit adhesion on the hole-wall and other circuit-board surfaces by the integrating phenomenon known as controlled initiation. They have also been formulated to profit from the unique POA. We have formulations for both vertical and horizontal applications.

perfeKto Alkaline Catalyst System

Outstanding PI adhesion

Perfekto Alkaline Catalyst System (ACS), a unique process offering maximum reduction of alkalinity and high temperatures, is optimized for flexible printed circuit-boards. Thanks to the combined action of the high-absorbing Conditioner ACS 2060, the unique features of the Catalyst ACS 2074, and the low-stress, self-accelerating PEC electroless copper baths, Perfekto ACS represents the outstanding process for PI adhesion.


The ultimate improvement in electroless copper PTH technology:

  • New-generation palladium activator working at extremely low (30 ppm) concentration gives better activation than traditional activators
  • Excellent performance for HARBs, build-up boards and blind vias
  • Outstanding copper-to-copper bonding
  • Suitable for vertical and horizontal applications
  • Perfekto SF uniquely optimized process for FPC production
  • Best production quality and economy

Density progression

PEC 660 deposition copper vs. Pd/epoxy

PEC 550 temperature response