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Direct plating technology: the ultimate solution for creating a conductive layer

ViaKing is a new-generation colloidal carbon/graphite process that produces a microstructure with conductivity and adhesion far in excess of traditional processes.

Major new opportunity for the PWB industry

ViaKing’s unique formulated organic binder system creates a special interaction link that produces a microstructure with outstanding conductivity and adhesion. For creating a conductive layer prior to electroplating during printed circuitboard manufacturing, you’ll not find anything better.

Based on a stable suspension of colloidal graphite micro/nano-particles, ViaKing exhibits exceptional conductivity. It also contains a special ‘protectingcolloid’ binder that generates an extremely thin graphite layer with very good holewall adhesion without the need of the post-treatment normally required to reduce deposit thickness or stabilize graphite layer adhesion.

ViaKing represents a significant step forward compared to alternative processes that use low-conductivity, carbon-based solutions or traditional graphite dispersions. It’s a major new opportunity for the world’s PWB industry.


Direct plating technology:

  • Direct copper-to-copper bonding

  • Very reliable, highest conductivity

  • Exceptional adhesion for all
    PWB materials and types

  • HDI capability

  • Totally chelator-free

  • Shortest process, low cost for horizontal application

  • Lowest water consumption

  • Designed for reliability, performance and cost efficiency

Before thermal shock

Shock x 1

Shock x 2

Multi-layer FPC after solder shock, 288 ºC, 10 sec dip

ViaKing Conditioner DS-280 VK

For cleaning and conditioning

A two-component, low concentration, non-foaming, alkaline conditioner for cleaning the copper surface and conditioning the hole-wall surface to prepare the adhesion of ViaKing Conductivator 202. ViaKing Conditioner turns the negatively-charged glass-fiber and epoxy surface (caused by drilling holes) into a positive charge.

ViaKing Conductivator 202

Applies a highly-conductive layer

In this step (the second in the ViaKing process), the whole panel surface as well as the drilled (or laser-formed) holes are covered with a highly conductive layer. Conductivator is a conductive colloid dispersion formulated from bound graphite. Graphite, together with a formulated binder, exists as an anionic charged particle that is strongly attracted to the charge left on the hole-wall by Conditioner DS-280 VK.

Viaking Microetch 7227

Maintains etch rate

Preferably used to maintain the etch rate between 0.25 µm and 0.35 µm. This step removes ViaKing coating from all copper surfaces, including inner-layer interconnect faces.

Anti-tarnish PAT 790

Protects against copper oxidation

An optional step to ensure maximum protection against copper oxidation during long-term storage prior to dry film lamination and/or electrolytic copper plating after the ViaKing process.


Multi-layer FPC


100% direct copper-to-copper bonding

ViaKing direct metallization process – horizontal process flow

Step Process Time Temperature Remarks
1 CONDITIONER DS 280 VK 10 – 30 sec 52 – 56°C Flooded module
2 Rinse(es) 30 sec
3 CONDUCTIVATOR 202 30 – 40 sec 15 – 33°C Flooded module
4 Dryer
5 MICROETCH 7227S 30 – 40 sec 15 – 33°C Spray temp. and conc. are
adjusted to get proper etch-rate
6 Rinse(es) 30 sec
7 ANTI-TARNISH PAT 790 30 sec 20°C Optional
8 Rinse Preferably a short rinse
9 Final dry